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Protective Window Quartz / 25 pieces

Introducing the Guardian Shield for Candela Gentle Pro and Mini Series: Your Laser’s Fortified Companion.

Step into a new era of protection with the Guardian Shield, tailor-made for Candela Gentle Pro and Mini Series. Designed to shield against the elements while preserving optical brilliance, this shield seamlessly integrates, adding resilience and confidence to your treatments. Elevate your practice, secure your investment, and redefine what’s possible with the Guardian Shield.


315,84 AED 396,64 AED

Introducing the Guardian Shield for Candela Gentle Pro and Mini Series: Fortifying Brilliance!

Empower your laser treatments with the ultimate safeguard – the Guardian Shield designed exclusively for Candela Gentle Pro and Mini Series. This extraordinary accessory stands as a stalwart defender, ensuring the unwavering performance of your devices and enabling you to deliver extraordinary aesthetic and medical treatments without compromise.

Key Features:

  1. Unyielding Protection: The Guardian Shield acts as a formidable barrier, shielding your Candela Gentle Pro and Mini Series devices from the elements, preserving their brilliance and sustaining their unwavering power over time.
  2. Clarity Beyond Compare: Fashioned from impeccable materials, this shield boasts unmatched optical clarity. Its transparent construction ensures your laser’s potency remains unaltered, consistently producing impactful results and unrivaled patient experiences.
  3. Harmonious Integration: The Guardian Shield seamlessly melds with your Candela Gentle Pro and Mini Series devices, choreographing an effortless installation sequence. With minimal disruption, your treatments flow smoothly, uninterrupted and sublime.
  4. Vital Longevity Boost: By endowing an additional layer of armor, this shield significantly enhances the longevity of your laser devices. Safeguard your investment and relish the symphony of unwavering performance and enduring outcomes.
  5. Empowered Professionalism: Enveloped by the Guardian Shield, you embark upon each treatment with a surge of confidence, assured that your equipment remains impervious. This enabler lets you focus on mastery, unburdened by concerns of wear and tear.
  6. Versatility Redefined: Poised to grace both Candela Gentle Pro and Mini Series, this shield transcends the boundary of series distinctions. Irrespective of the grandeur of Pro or the elegance of Mini, the Guardian Shield unites them in safeguarding perfection.

Elevate your artistry with the Guardian Shield for Candela Gentle Pro and Mini Series. Amplify your practice by bolstering the resilience and dependability of your laser devices, and savor the tranquility of protecting your technology. Elevate your treatments to unprecedented heights and etch a new paradigm of distinction with this indispensable accessory, a true sentinel of excellence.

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